Recharge Master Plan Update

“Recharging for the future”

In September 2000, the Superior Court approved the Peace Agreement and authorized the implementation of the Chino Basin Optimum Basin Management Program. The Peace Agreement required the preparation of a recharge master plan update every five years starting in 2000. The Parties to the Peace Agreement started a process in 2005 to revise the Peace Agreement and the Judgment. This revision process was completed in late 2007 (hereafter the Peace II Agreement) and was subsequently approved by the Superior Court on December 21, 2007. The Court’s approval contained nine conditions subsequent that must be satisfied time certain for the revisions to be effective. Condition Subsequent 8 requires that the recharge master plan update be completed and submitted to the Court by July 1, 2010.

The scope of work and contents of the 2010 Recharge Master Plan Update (RMPU) are based in part on the December 21, 2007 Court Order and Watermaster’s future groundwater replenishment requirements. Pursuant to Condition Subsequent 5—which reads, in part, “By July 1, 2008 Watermaster shall prepare and submit to the Court a detailed outline and scope and content of its first Recharge master Plan Update, […]”—Watermaster developed a detailed report outline for the 2010 RMPU. The Court subsequently approved this outline, and Watermaster started the development of the RMPU in the fall of 2008. Watermaster was assisted in this effort by the Chino Basin Water Conservation District and the Inland Empire Utilities Agency.

This website is part of Watermaster’s outreach effort to inform its stakeholders on the progress of the RMPU, to provide its stakeholders with the information needed to review the RMPU prior to submittal to the Court, and to generate thoughtful public discussion.

recharging for the future
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